Our Services

Our team is fully prepared to meet the expectations of the bride and groom, so that your event is unique and personalized, fulfilling your every need.

We can advise you regarding the services offered by the Pazo and others, such as additional external services (security, musicians, "bagpipers", entertainment/care for children ...); this makes organizing your event much simpler and easier.

We place our properties entirely at your disposal for your enjoyment and that of your guests. Our picturesque settings offer some of the most beautiful locations for wedding photography and video Our kitchens and reception facilities are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and technology so that nothing is left to chance and everything turns out as planned.


Our philosophy in the kitchen is based on the quality and authenticity of our carefully selected ingredients. We create dishes that highlight the products and are based on traditional recipes from Galicia. Our team will help you choose the menu that best satisfies your tastes and preferences.

Pazo under restoration

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The Pazos

The Pazo (Latin palatium; in English, palace) is a traditional Galician manor house of noble character, usually located in the country. Formerly, Pazos were the residences of important people in the community, like kings, nobles and gentry. They were of great importance in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries and were related to rural and monastic architecture and the feudal system. Each Pazo was the center of its area, and the life of the villagers revolved around it.

As examples of palatial architecture, they flourished after the 15th century manorial conflicts. Until then the nobles lived in towers, which were more suited to military activity. So the manor gradually became the social symbol and refuge of Galician nobles, as portrayed in the novels of Otero Pedrayo and Emilia Pardo Bazán. They usually consist of a main building surrounded by gardens and ancillary buildings for staff accommodation, stables, barns, granaries, lofts, chapel and large tracts of land devoted to agriculture.

Our pazos are currently idyllic environments where weddings, conferences or any social event can be held, turning each celebration into something unique. They offer perfect harmony and integration between centuries-old buildings and modern hotel facilities with all amenities.